Mumbai’s Grand Architecture

Here is a portion of the CST Station building (Formerly Victoria Terminus) from our viewpoint at the Municipal Corporation building. Both buildings are superb examples of Mumbai Gothic architecture at its grandest and maddest. I really liked how the winged lions on our balcony seemed to guard over the scene.

The next two buildings that also sit next to each other are the Taj Hotel and the Gateway of India, both built in the Indo-Sarasenic style.

And while the Gateway is the more photographed structure, it’s the Taj hotel that is the older one. I had that little tidbit of information recorded on a page of my sketchnotes from a historical walking tour that morning. (see my notes below).

I loved having a historian walk and talk us through the history of the city at the start of our week in the Mumbai. It put what I was looking at in context and let me notice things I’d never seen before.

These sketches were done as part of the weeklong workshop I ran in Jan 2023 in Mumbai with Zainab. We are running it again in Jan 2024. If you think you want to join in on this adventure, join the interest list by writing to me to let me know.

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4 Responses to Mumbai’s Grand Architecture

  1. sjharvey65 says:

    Looks like a wonderful trip. Lovely sketches

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  2. Your drawings bring the architecture to life!

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  3. Grace says:

    I see a resemblance of you in your great grandma. She was beautiful

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  4. Informative in an artistic way!

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