Winter Break in Oahu: II

My favorite part of Hawaii is always the dense and humid very tropical bits of the islands that lie inland.

Since everything in these tropical forests is one singule green, I figured I left the color out, and just worked with shape and texture.

This next one was done over 20 minutes while watching the sun set. The scene before me changed every few seconds, but it was fun to draw through it all.

This is the view from one of the places we stayed. Even with high-rises everywhere in Honolulu, the vegetation seems to push through wherever it can.

This is probably the only hour-long piece I did over my trip. I skipped seeing the inside of
Iolani Palace and sketched the little bandstand on the grounds instead. This one is all about those giant monkeypod trees that I love.

Another sketch of the jungle, again in monochrome with color added later.

Part 1 of this series of sketches from Oahu is here.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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  1. My husband and I spent a week in Waikiki about ten years ago. One of the best trips I’ve ever been on; one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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