A Wrap Up and a Question

This image is a combination of a bunch of my posts on Instagram this year that got the most likes.

They’re culled through an app called “Top Nine” and while it’s just one way to look at my year, I’m intrigued that it brings together a mix of subjects and styles that reflect this year.
Some really tough times, (with my dad in hospital) some fun experiments, tools, and media, (the kakimori nib, colored inks, neocolor pastels: it will be interesting to see which of these stay and which were passing obsessions) and some super exciting partnerships last year that I am looking forward to repeating in 2023 (Sketching PlayLab with Paul Wang, a weekend at Asilomar with Nina Khashschina and Uma Kelkar, teaching with Maru Godas and Santi Salles and and Sketching workshops in India with Zainab Tambawalla)

Overall, I’m just glad I sketched it all: the tough times, the little stuff, the people, places, and roosters…

I don’t make New Year resolutions and I’m not much of a planner but one of the things that’s been on my mind is that it’s time to teach a new online workshop in 2023. I teach a 4-week long People Sketching workshop a couple of times in the year. And that will stay.

Here’s a question I’d love your input on:
If I add a new online workshop this year, what would you like it to be about?

Leave me a comment with your reply, or drop me an email. And thank you in advance for your input.

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15 Responses to A Wrap Up and a Question

  1. Nancy Ransom Zeller says:

    Hi Suhita, I don’t have any cool ideas for your next workshop but I look forward to it!

    Happy New Year! Nancy

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  2. barbarae23 says:

    Thanks for the opprtunity to give feedback. First of all, thanks so much for sharing your sketches. They are inspiring. The only thing that I could suggest for next year is, it would be great to actually see you creating your sketches. I don’t know if there is a way to do that, but if possible, it would be great.

    Thanks so very much for the inspiration and Happy New Year!

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  3. Cindy Robbins says:

    Hi, Suhita – I am responding to your request for input regarding the content of a possible new online course.

    First, let me say that I love your work – loose but accurate and readable, colorful and yet true to your subject somehow. Second, I took the workshop that you and Paul Wang offered through the Sketching Playlab regarding loosening up my lines and I loved that as well. Your work is inspiring to me and Paul Wang’s is as well.

    I would like some instruction on freedom, on embracing and responding to a subject, not just drawing it. I took your course with Paul Wang for this very purpose. As a novice urban sketcher, I am too reliant on accuracy of line and color and not open to express my response to a subject. It seems that I rely on my rendering skills at the very beginning of a sketch in order to get a subject accurately on the page, and once the initial drawing is underway the detail consumes me. My sketches are often stiff and flat as a result. I would like an online course that helps free me from reliance on stiff, overly accurate lines and local color.

    AND I do hope you offer the People Sketching workshop. I’d love to participate in that if I can.

    Happy New Year! Cindy Robbins

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  4. Laura Kate says:

    Hi Suhita. Thanks for asking. How about a tutorial on composition? I am always trying to decide how to frame a reference, what to leave out, what to change. A couple of demos would be great.

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  5. bbmiles2go says:

    Hi Suhita, I would love to see an online course for sketching the outdoors, i.e. vistas and nature. Thanks for asking. Looking forwarded to whatever you decide 😊 Barb

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  6. ccaatt01 says:

    Hi Suhita – I love your vibrant colors and mixed media work – anything in a still life or outdoor landscape with lots of color would be something I would like to see
    Thanks, Carol

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  7. Bob Del Prete says:

    Cityscapes … how about a class on them for us newbies? Sorry if you’ve done them already.
    Love all you do.
    Bob Del Prete

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  8. fmclellan says:

    Landscapes? Still life? Animals? Birds? As someone else said, whatever you teach 🙂 Happy New Year!

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  9. Elizabeth Hooton says:

    Hi Suhita! Your work is so inspiring, it always makes me get sketching and trying new things. How about a workshop on using all those different materials (pencils, pens, markers, w/c, etc.)?

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  10. Shilpa says:

    Hi Suhita, I love your work and enjoyed your people sketching workshop as well as the play lab with Paul. A course on mixed media and also sketching movement (musicians, dancers) would be interesting to me.

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  11. Patrick says:

    Love your simple sketches with the simple use of colors, like the rooster and the vegetable stands, fruit, and produce. The spontaneous sketches…the striking use of color.

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  12. Deborah says:

    Hi Suhita. Thanks for asking for feedback. You taught an online workshop, maybe called something like, “Sketching Vignettes”. It included people in context. Would love another version of that. Happy New Year!

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  13. Linda Hackett says:

    I loved the S. PlayLab with you and Paul on textures where we drew a landscape. It was so much fun to gain landscape perspective just by mark making. Having just finished People Alive which for the second time was so rewarding I can imagine how we could benefit a similar approach to landscape maybe including people:)

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