Drawing at the DMV

I have a complaint about the California DMV, the Los Gatos branch, specifically: they’ve gotten too efficient for me to get in a good, long sketching session!

This first sketch was when I took my sister to renew her license. I got a whole 15 minutes of drawing while she moved through the entire process, from walking in, being assigned a person to help her, taking an eye test, getting a photo taken, and paying for her new license.

But all the other sketches are from my own appointment a few weeks ago and I had literally a couple minutes wait at each station and then I had to move on. So I resorted to continuous line drawing, which is always fun.

I posted these sketches on my Instagram account yesterday and your stories are pouring in: Cathy reports that you can still get in a long sketch if you renew your license at the El Cerrito DMV. And Steve remembers when he drew 100 people, all while waiting for his appointment. Nina visited her DMV recently, with her art supplies all packed, hoping to get in some quality time sketching, but she hit the same wall I did…

Slow down, DMV, you’re moving too fast!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to Drawing at the DMV

  1. How funny. Just when you think you are in a place for a good sketch even a quick on and it goes away, the subject moves or they call your number.

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  2. Your drawings make the DMV look so civilized and efficient.

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  3. Annie says:

    Wonderful use of waiting time! May I ask: what do you have in your hands? And your pockets to do this? Thank you.

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