Looking Down

A weekday sketching meetup always feels like a real treat. We met in the hills around Palo Alto, climbed a little hillock and sketched the view looking down. This snaking view of Highway 280 was what we were after. You’ll see it appear on both Uma and Nina’s Instagram.

I did a second piece where I lost track of what I was drawing (because I was chatting way too much, I suppose): I started with the view to the right of me, then forgot and kept going looking at another vista on the other side and ended up with this webbing of marks and media on my page.

Sometimes it’s not what’s on the page that matters. It was a lovely morning spent in the hills with friends.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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1 Response to Looking Down

  1. I really like both of these paintings. With the top painting the Freeway leads your eyes into the middle of the painting. There are a lot of yellows greens, and greys as well as a few primary colours. With the bottom painting it looks like a harsh rugged landscape with a lot of texture / flow.

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