What’s in my travel sketch kit just now?

I photographed the contents of my sketch bag as a record of what my travel sketch kit consists of right now. On my must-carry list are (from left to right)
– an assortment of colored pencils of various brands, most of which are water-soluble.
– Pentel brush pen with grey ink
– Sailor Fude pen, 55-degree nib ( I can’t find the second one,b ut I usually carry two: one with black ink, a second with brown ink, both DeAtramentis Document Inks.
– spray bottle
– two travel brushes: a round Escoda and a Rosemary & Co. dagger
– black water-soluble pencil
– white china marker
– Pentel Pocket brush pen with black ink
– a watercolor kit
– tube of white gouache and a water brush just for it
– a Nalgene bottle for water (never leaks!)
– and a collapsible cup

Add in a couple of sketchbooks (If I had just one kind, they would be the Stillman and Birn Beta books, but I usually carry a couple of different books), wipes, and something to sit on (a low folding stool or a small foam mat) and I am set.

But I usually like to have some fun extras too. So, also in my bag just now:
– a ballpoint pen (for filling forms and writing notes when traveling)
– two forms of gold (a little over the top, but I have my trip to India on my mind. The golds are not totally necessary, and don’t scan or photograph well, but I enjoy them.)
– a box of bits of Neocolor II crayons. Breaking crayons into bits means I can carry many colors in a little tin.
– (top of page) Three pens with cyan, magenta, and yellow ink. This is a slightly new obsession, we will see if it stays in my travel kit. (See this post)
– half the colored pencils I have here are jewel tones: for pops of color. The other half are skin tones (deep, warm browns. Again, with India on my mind)

My palette hasn’t changed in a while now. It’s still this one: ( DS= Daniel Smith, WN= Winsor & Newton)

You might wonder where things like the kakimori nib are: They’re in a extended kit, that sometimes comes out with me, when I know I am going to have the luxury of sitting down and being able to open up a vial of ink to sketch. But my kit right now is geared towards being able to stand and sketch.

The “essentials” part of my sketch kit has stayed the same for a long time. The rest of it changes very often, depending on what I am currently fascinated by.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to What’s in my travel sketch kit just now?

  1. pfel says:

    thank you for sharing!
    I usually have my water brush and watercolor basic box, with a few water soluble color pencils, but sometimes I just go for the strict minimum: only primary colours pencils (as a kind of challenge!)


  2. Starr Mifsud says:

    Thank you for sharing what is in your sketching kit. You mentioned your current kit is for ‘standing” to sketch. Do you use a board to rest you book, paints, water etc on?

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