Sketches from Madeline Island: Sketching People

This is post #4 in a series of posts from Madeline Island where I taught a workshop with Maru Godas and Santi Salles.

On day 4 of our workshop, all three instructors taught a short Masterclass: Maru focussed on monochromatic media for landscapes, Santi on food sketching and I did a session on people drawing. I’ll admit to being skeptical about teaching a short ((just an hour!) masterclass: How much of a change would it make to the participant’s confidence and ability to draw people?

I’m happy to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely sketches the group turned out within the hour!

We got to take those skills on location the next day when we sketched in the town of Bayfield with summer tourists milling around town.

And an ice cream place that was doing brisk business.


If you love the idea of drawing people but aren’t confident about sketching them. Or if you’d love for the people in your sketches to look less wooden, you might want to sign up for my 4-week online class “People Alive! Sketches Full of Life” which starts in November.

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