Sketches from Madeline Island: Museum Vignettes

This is post #3 in a series of posts from Madeline Island where I taught a wonderful workshop with Maru Godas and Santi Salles. My group drew at the museum in the afternoons. Each group created a spread or an accordion fold of vignettes that “collected” a story of the museum. It was fun to see the range of objects and views that struck different participants, even when we all sketched at one small museum.

I started my accordion fold with a little sketch of the museum building but soon filled it up with lots of objects and stories that caught my interest.

The next day, I looked at the museum afresh and did this set of sketches across a sketchbook spread, mixing in museum stamps and new objects that fascinated me.

Here’s a small selection of the array of pieces the participants produced that day.

You can see I was clearly inspired by them on day 3 when I sketched the collection below.. That’s the bit I love most about teaching. Pushing each other to do new things and being inspired goes both ways.

Here are some more lovely pieces from my class participants, each collecting a page of memories of this gem of a museum.

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  1. illustrated book please! : )

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  2. Nice paintings of Madeline Island.

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