A rare drawing of the kids

I used to draw my kids. A lot. Because they were always around. Now, they’re so much busier doing their own thing that it’s rarer to have an opportunity to sketch them.

Here they are, at our local “Paint Your Own Pottery” store last month. We go every year at the start of summer. It’s one of those things they’ve enjoyed since they were little.

I’m so glad I started drawing my kids when I first got back to a drawing practice: about 14 years ago. Because if I’d waited until I felt my drawing was “good enough” they’d be grown ups and I’d miss having all those early years captured in my sketches.

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to A rare drawing of the kids

  1. Connie Hamilton says:

    I read everyone of your posts but rarely take the time to say THANKS for sharing a part of your life and its journeys! Its informative, it takes me to places I’ll never get to, it broadens my soul. I just wanted you to know that there are many silent admirers of your work and sharing. “THANKS”


  2. Diane Winters says:

    I can hardly believe how old they look now. Is that what happens when time passes? I’m glad you started drawing when they were young.

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  3. These are just wonderful! What a treat to see your kids engaged in this activity ☺️ What a special set of memories they will always have in your drawings – a real gift!

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