SubZero Festival

A little over two weeks ago I was at the SubZero Festival in Downtown San Jose, on a reportage assignment for genARTS Silicon Valley and Content Magazine.

Here is the bustling scene around their booth. I waited for a break in the crowd to take this photo, so you could actually see the booth.

Walking down the street, I caught the tail end of a high-energy dance performance by the Persephone Dance Company.

Back at the booth, Content editor, Daniel Garcia was in conversation with the filming crew of The Local Creative Show. With the jacarandas in bloom in the SOFA District of San Jose and the vintage STUDIO sign framing them, I just had to whip out this ketch.

Speaking of jacarandas, here is an avenue of them in bloom. This is the SOFA district with the iconic Bank of America building in the distance.

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to SubZero Festival

  1. barbarae23 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work. I find it very inspiring.

    One thing I would love for you to address at some point is color _choice_s. I’ve noticed that watercolor sketchers often don’t even attempt to replicate the colors they see, but choose completely different colors. And they work beautifully. I think there must be a skill to this and I would love to learn more.

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    • Color is so complex and yes, I use color as an emotional response and to help communicate an idea or feeling, not in a way where I am matching it for value and shade to the original. I’ve delved into this in detail in workshops, where it makes for great discussions.


  2. Nice Paintings of the festival. I really like the colours in the trees and people in the bottom painting.

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