Three Tools

Here is a video of three tools I’m loving right. The one on the right, you know well: My Sailor Fude deMannen pen with the 55 degree nib. The middle one is a bamboo dip pen and one on the left is a newish obsession, the Kakimori Brass Nib.

What the three have in common is variable line thickness. Other than that, they’re all different in how they handle and how they sound and feel on paper. I love them all and use them all. (So please don’t ask which one I like best or recommend the most)

Here is a sketch from Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, done with the Kakimori Nib.

The line variation you can get from this is amazing, and all by changing angles on how you hold the pen. And, like all dip pens, the line is juicier than almost any fountain pen can make. Here’s a closer look at a small part of the sketch so you can see the line variation.

I’ll post more from that afternoon in Hakone Gardens in my next post.

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2 Responses to Three Tools

  1. joani1 says:

    So helpful – I love the creativity you express! 💕

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  2. Anke Wagner says:

    How incredibly beautiful !!!!


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