India Summer ’22: More from Mumbai

I stayed with my uncle and aunt in Mumbai and sketched this at a musical performance at their home.

Like so much of my family, they’re artists, but that’s a label I didn’t think to use for anyone I grew up around because I thought it normal for everyone to make stuff. Here are some of their bonsai trees.

I met the next day with Urban Sketcher Mumbai: such a dynamic, exciting group! I thought I’d be sketching the sweeping view from the steps of the Asiatic Library, but the first thing that caught my eye was all the wedding shoots in progress on the steps. Here are three of them, all differently themed.

I captured this one in a quick sketch.

And then got back to sketching that view before me, but it didn’t hold me long. I got this far…

… and then decided that the nimbupaniwala in the distance (see his red cart in my sketch above?) was who I wanted to sketch. I caught him in the last quiet moments of his morning, before his first customers arrived.

If you are ever in Mumbai, especially on the weekend, look up where USk Mumbai is sketching and join them.

On my last day I sketched with Zainab (don’t know her work? Go check out her insta feed now!) in a location I have to go back to again: The Shipbreaking Yard at Mazgaon Docks. On a super-hot day, she improvised a shelter for us to sketch from, stretching a tarp over a taxi that looked like it was going nowhere.

And from there, we sketched what was my very last sketch of the trip, a view full of texture, color, and detail. I love working like this: starting quickly, getting an overall view in and then taking my time adding lots of marks, pushing back and pulling up bits of the scene in an ever-changing process.

This is my last post from my time in India. I love sharing all of my life thorough my sketches, but sharing my India is super special. I hope you enjoyed this series. Thank you for following along!

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10 Responses to India Summer ’22: More from Mumbai

  1. santilloart says:

    I loved every second of your trip!

    Thank you so much


    Your family tree is full of stories. Ask questions. Don’t wait.

    Sharon Santillo


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  2. ccaatt01 says:

    Thanks for your candid comments and sharing your family time in India

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bernadette says:

    Wondering how you capture figures especially in motion. Do you begin with a wash then add the line drawing after? You capture people in motion so beautifully and it appears…effortlessly! I’m sure that many years and practice have gained you this ability.
    Your sketches are exquisite!


    • Bernadette, there is no short answer to that which is why. teach a 4 week online course on just that sketching dynamic people. But the short answer is: no time for pencil, it’s straight to pen and very much based on the idea of being a gesture-focussed drawing.


  4. Tina Koyama says:

    I enjoyed it all! I’m especially happy that you came home and expanded upon your stories and impressions on your blog rather than just the fleeting posts on social media. Thank you!


    • instagram is my new “dumping ground”, but the blog allows for ideas to percolate, expand, connect. I do it as much for myself as to put out. But I am so happy you enjoyed it , Tina!


  5. Vo says:

    Definitely loved your India sketchbooks, so full of interesting details and beautiflul rendering of everyday life! May I ask you with which pen did you actually use for these sketchbooks? Thanks for everything.

    Liked by 1 person

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