India Summer ’22: Mumbai Gothic

Time for another wee-hours-of-the-morning flight to Mumbai. And a sketch to go with it, of course.

If you ask me where I’m from, I’ll say I’m from Mumbai. I only lived here until I was 16, (then I moved to Goa, then to Bangalore) but I’ll always call Mumbai “home”. In this smattering of sketches is a scratch-at-the-surface of South Bombay, a very small part of a city I love.

This beautiful building is opposite Regal Theater. Everywhere you look are gorgeous old buildings with a history.

My sketching is punctuated with food and drink breaks. My first stop is Cafe Mondegar where the customers pale in comparison to the colorful murals on the wall by Mario Miranda. If you grew up with Mario’s cartoons in the daily newspaper then you’ll see how these originals have a charm that the zillions of copies of his style miss out on.

After a visit to Jehangir Art Gallery, I sit on the front steps and draw the beautifully proportioned Sasson Library, a gem of a building in the Gothic Revival Style.

I love the architecture in this part of the city, but I can’t imagine capturing the spirit of the city in sketches without adding people, mopeds, and taxis to the scene.

My last stop of the day is at the Gateway of India. So many people come here to enjoy this public space and the evening sea breeze. I try to capture not only this grand gateway, (built to commemorate the visit of George V, but completed only 13 years after he arrived!) but also the collective joy and color of the people.

More from Mumbai in the next post. Here are the previous posts in this series:

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About Suhita Shirodkar

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4 Responses to India Summer ’22: Mumbai Gothic

  1. Lovely! I really like your style and use of color 🎨

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  2. Your sketches are truly amazing, capturing so much detail, wonderful work!

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  3. stephanie defanti says:


    I would love to start drawing and painting/ mostly sketching my adventures. I have no talent or experience, where would I start with you and your classes?? Thank you Stephanie



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