South Bay Views

I live as far south in Silicon Valley as you can go, in South San Jose. And if you drive further south from me, you are minutes away from a vast stretch of land, much of which is preserved open space, with trails crisscrossing it.

I sketch pretty regularly at Fortini Trail, especially when there are as many poppies as there are this year. I used gouache for the base colors on this one, a medium I’m not familiar with.

And these hills are right across the road you see in the distance in the first piece. They’re a part of Calero Park and are green at this time of the year. This sketch is in inks, crayon and watersoluble pencil.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to South Bay Views

  1. Nice paintings, they have a real Van Gogh-ish feel with your textured dreamy strokes. I really like the texture in these, as well as the cool blues, greens and yellow colour palette.

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    • pamlopez15 says:

      I have to keep these sketches in mind when I go out to sketch, Suhita! To remind to play and explore like you do here and at sketching play lab!!

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  2. I love your style, and I think my latest sketches were subconsciously inspired by you! 🙂

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