I painted these iris n March 30th, Van Gogh’s birthday.

You can see from this photo that I wasn’t exaggerating any of the colors!

I used liquid watercolors for the base painting and brought in crayons and charcoal after that for rich, textural surfaces.

Van Gogh is my favorite artist. And while I love his paintings, my favorites have always been his drawings. I bought myself this book of his drawings for my birthday one year and I look at it often.

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7 Responses to Iris

  1. Laura Kate says:

    The style of your iris painting certainly suggests Van Gogh’s techniques. It’s beautiful.

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  2. Nice painting of the Iris, it looks very very “Eastery”!!

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  3. Pat Evans says:

    Have you been to the Van Gogh exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art? It’s well worth the trip and is on through May 22.

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  4. Christy says:

    So lovely-a bright spot in my day. Thanks soooo much for the book reference! My library actually has a copy to borrow til I save up for it. I’m very excited to see the collection of drawings. Thanks again for always inspiring!

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  5. Karen Bruett says:

    Love the fact that you treated yourself to the book! My daughter and I saw the Met exhibit over her 2005-6 Christmas break. I treasure the book too.
    Your rendition is beautiful.

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