More Tiny Book Farmers’ Sketches

My current small sketchbook has many advantages. It went to the Farmers’ Market with me. It will be going on more trips because it is so easy to take this little book around and come home with a couple of sketches and some great produce, all in an hour.

If you’ve tried combining a shopping and sketching trip together and keep hitting this dilemma of whether to draw first or shop first, here’s what I do: I buy my flowers and produce when I get to the market, just in case stuff sells out. Then I ask if vendors will hold on to my bags until I come back for them. They always do, and they keep them in the shade. When I am done sketching, I gather them up and head back home.

It’s also a really good book to take with you to a restaurant: It doesn’t take up to much space, you can fit food and the book on your table.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to More Tiny Book Farmers’ Sketches

  1. Love your sketches! Are you starting with ink or with watercolor?

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  2. Annie says:

    Thank you much for these 2 posts about using a small sketchbook regularly. This suggestion, with your examples, has already increased my daily sketching when I go out.

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  3. I absolutely love your sketches, you inspire me!

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