Glad I caught the wisteria this year. Some years, I’ve seen it in bloom, and told myself I’ll sketch it later in the week. But all it takes is a couple of too-warm days for it to lose all its color and disappear.

This time, Nina took us to her local grocery store and their parking lot is just dripping with wisteria. We sat at an outdoor table for this first sketch, and a group of teenage boys sat at a nearby one, oblivious to the overhanging flowers.

Here’s one more, in blue ink and water-soluble colored pencil.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Wisteria

  1. Becky S Dewease says:


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  2. Sandra Symons says:

    Thank you Suhita, this is beautiful – far too cold here in Switzerland yet for wisteria but lots of spring flowers in bloom – looking forward too to seeing lots of wisteria soon. Just love all of your sketches.

    Best Sandra

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  3. The images of the people are so evocative, and I love the colors..do you gout sketching with a wide range of colors or is this purple one of your regulars, I wonder?


  4. Nice painting of the Wisteria, and the people at the tables.

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