Drawing People

It’s almost time for an annual challenge I have really enjoy: Liz Steel and Marc Holmes‘ “One Week One Hundred People” challenge. If the name itself is enough to make it sound impossible, read on to the end of this post and maybe you’ll change your mind?

So the general premise behind the challenge is that if you focus on something for a few days straight, and push yourself to do more than you usually do, you will see some breakthroughs and you will hit at least a couple of a-ha moments. And all of that is so valuable, wherever in your practice you are.

Does the number “One Hundred” scare you off? Did only 10 people sketches? That’s 10 more than zero, which makes it a win, right?

I find that just taking up the challenge puts people into focus for my practice for the week, and takes away that paralyzing question. “What should I draw today?

But back to that number ‘one hundred’. It really depends on how you want to count. Does this cafe sketch count as two people? Three? Or Seven? I get to decide. It all works.

You can draw portraits or quick gesture drawings, line drawings in pencil or single-color silhouettes. or a whole scene in full color like this bookstore below, where just like that, I end up with eight more people(if I’m counting).

The official challenge lasts just 5 days (a work-week, I suppose) but really, there’s nothing stopping you from starting the weekend before, or just keeping at it past the dates of the challenge.

You can find more details about the challenge here. (Taking part in the scavenger hunt part of it is totally optional) And joining this facebook group is a way to share your sketches or just be inspired by all the work that pours in during the week.

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1 Response to Drawing People

  1. Interesting post, you captured the people well. I dont think I’ve ever drawn more than 3 or 4 people in a single drawing!!


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