Faces of Recovery: Jane, Alex and Jean Paul

More stories and portriats of courgae, hope and resilience from Recovery Cafe.


She’s seen tough times but through it all, Jane Stroud has been given at least as much as she has received. She works as a caregiver for the elderly and spends all her free time crocheting scarfs and blankets, most of which she gifts, often to friends at Recovery Cafe.


Alex Burchfield and I sat down and chatted on an important day: he was marking 6 months of being clean, getting back to completing his GED, taking Peer Mentoring Classes at Recovery Cafe, all while dreaming of going back to school to learn movie-making.


As a 10-year old Jean Paul Bettencourt suffered unimaginable trauma. And it’s brought him to believe that his calling in life is to be a healer.

If these stories are hard to read, it is unimaginable how hard they would be to live. What is most incredible to me is how those that have been hurt the most turn around and give the most.

You can read every story recorded so far here. You can read more about and support the amazing work of Recovery Cafe here.

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3 Responses to Faces of Recovery: Jane, Alex and Jean Paul

  1. nancy cunningham says:

    Thank you for honoring these brave and strong people.   nancy in Savannah GA

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  2. Recovery cafe sounds like a very special place.

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  3. Shankar Subramanian says:

    Wonderful visuals…. showing what they are about with the word cloud describing their lives and aspirations… excellent

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