Embrace the Pace: Ice Skating

This is #2 in a series of of “things that move too quickly to capture”. Ice Skaters at the Kristi Yamaguchi Downtown Ice Skating , a rink that is set up for about a month around the holidays. Most skaters there seem to be like me: people who rent their skates at the rink and basically skate for one hour every year, a good half hour of which is spent trying to let go of the side of the rink.

So there are no super-fast, super graceful skaters, but they’re still fast enough to pose a challenge. As always, I do a bunch of pages and then decide which ones to add more with

This time, I work with one tool: a Pentel Brush pen. Once I have a bunch of quick gestural captures on a few pages, I choose some to add details to with colored pencil.

It’s amazing how a few accessories in colored pencil can add meaning and context to the gestural marks in black ink.

The first post in this series, “Embrace the Pace” is here: https://sketchaway.wordpress.com/2022/01/26/embracing-movement-construction-crews/

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4 Responses to Embrace the Pace: Ice Skating

  1. Barbara Beynon says:

    The liveliness of these sketches is so engaging. Brings back memories of lots of winter skating on rinks and ponds while growing up in Massachusetts. Now I live in Florida and ice skating is only a memory. The wonder of sketching to keep things alive is reaffirmed. Thank you, Suhita!


    • Living is San Jose is not quite like florida, but my experience with ice is limited to an hour a year at the rink . I’m not sad abut that. when I want to look at beautiful snow and ice I head over to Shari Blaukopf’s blog and look at her snow paintings.


  2. Rachael says:

    Really helpful post thanks! Seeing your process makes it feel doable.


  3. BLOGitse says:

    Yes, these are cool too! I really like your loose style, sigh! 🙂

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