A little bit of Florida: Part 5

I didn’t do a lot of sketching or visiting places that are on a tourist’s must-see list in Miami. But one place I went to each morning for my coffee was the Cuban Bakery, Versailles. It opened at 8am and all three days that I was in Miami, I was there for my morning cup.

This picture? I’m posting it because it made me happy to be wearing flip flops in December: it just seemed right.

Here’s what I learnt: If you go early, there’s no queue. Tourists box their breakfast munchies, locals get it on a plate. Tourists get a big coffee, but the one in the little styrofoam no logo cup is the best. And the empanadas? Order them fried not baked. Ham&cheese and spinach are both yum!

The lady in the maroon shirt at the center of the sketch below? I saw her yesterday too. The staff said she’s there every morning and sits at the same table, ordering the exact same thing.

Back again on day 3 for my cafe con leche evaporada and flan. I loved the flan it was the creamiest I’ve ever tasted.

And a note to self: gotta get back to Duolingo and learn some Spanish. I had so many things I’d have loved to chat with the staff about and it would have been so much more fun to chat even if I spoke a pidgin version of the language.

Here are previous posts in this series of sketches from Florida. Part 1: Sanibel Island, Part 2: Palm Trees, Part 3: Fishing Boats, and Part 4: The Everglades
And for a fun comparison, here’s a post of my sketches from Florida from 12 years ago.

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5 Responses to A little bit of Florida: Part 5

  1. Love your sketches.

    I know what it’s like to wear flip flops in December (I’m from the Caribbean) It definitely is right!

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  2. AlanT says:

    These are great, really capture the feel of the place.

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  3. Mary Lou Peters says:

    Your observation about the goodies in a box as opposed to on a plate were right on. Must be universal: same here in Mackinaw City, Michigan, a resort town. Love the details in your sketches!


  4. Bernadette says:

    Your style is so unique to you, so expressive and inspiring. Looks like you begin with line then add washes….right? Thanks for sharing.


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