A little bit of Florida: Part 4

Lots of hiking and not so much sketching on the next part of my trip: to the Everglades.

I was fascinated by these Cypress knees, knobby structures sticking out of the swamp that I sketched from a boardwalk with airplants, figs, cypress, turtles, egrets, ibis and alligators appearing on the scene and then quickly disappearing while I sketched.

Alligators were everywhere, about as common as rats in the New York subway. These are sketched from a safe distance above them, on a boardwalk that goes over a canal where they all congregated one afternoon. Being on a boardwalk and observing them is one thing. Hiking a narrow trail and only noticing the grey and glistening animal next to me at the last minute was a totally different experience.

This sketch is on the super-popular Anhinga Trail. There was an alligator in the background as always. But by this point in my trip, the water plants were the new and unusual thing I wanted to sketch, the alligators, I’d been spotting everywhere for a few days.

Here are previous posts in this series of sketches from Florida. Part 1: Sanibel Island, Part 2: Palm Trees, Part 3: Fishing Boats.
And for a fun comparison, here’s a post of my sketches from Florida from 12 years ago.

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3 Responses to A little bit of Florida: Part 4

  1. Wonderful paintings, although I did realize visiting Florida when I was 8 that I’m allergic to alligators.


  2. Bernadette says:

    Thanks for including your Florida sketches from 10+ years ago. It’s wonderful to see your growth and very encouraging to me to keep to keep plugging along. Because of online urban sketchers, I’ve begun keeping sketchbooks to document my sketches and mini paintings as well. It is such a helpful practice and aids in my growth.
    Thanks for continually inspiring me!


  3. Mary Lou Peters says:

    Love this year’s and those from 11 years ago. Isn’t it fun to go thru old sketchbooks and remember those times vividly because you were so involved?


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