A little bit of Florida: Part 3

My favorite sketching session on this trip had to be when Shari took me out to paint the shrimp boats on San Carlos Island. You’ve seen this and other pieces she’s done over her time in Florida at that spot. And what a spot it is.! There’s action, boats, turkey vultures, and shrimp, all in one place.

If I’d had my phone with me, I might have captured some of the audio that went with this scene: the clanging, banging, and hammering that accompanied this repair on the mast of a boat.

Here is a second piece I did after the men were gone and quiet returned to the scene.

I could have stayed and sketched at that dock all morning. Maybe the shrimp boats are why I’ll just have to go back to Sanibel in the near future. We left Sanibel the next morning and headed out to the Everglades. Those sketches are coming up next.

Here are previous posts in this series of sketches from Florida. Part 1: Sanibel Island, Part2: Palm Trees
And for a fun comparison, here’s a post of my sketches from Florida from 12 years ago.

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4 Responses to A little bit of Florida: Part 3

  1. Laurel says:

    This is wonderful! I discovered your blog through Liz…I live in North Florida, in Apalachicola. It’s very picturesque. Love your shrimp boats and am inspired by your paintings.

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  2. Karen VC says:

    I love these! You really captured the activity on the docks and the sensory experiences of being in the fishing environment. My husband just gifted me with the Madeline Island workshop at the end of August and I can’t wait to learn from you.

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  3. Mary Lou Peters says:

    Oh, my! Such wonderful shading in your sketches make the scene just come alive!

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