This is a meandering-bits-and-pieces post, a collection of sketches and happenings that don’t quite hold together but all happened over the last couple of weeks.

Our mulberry tree got shorn. I’m always sad when that happens but Ben comes with his shears every other year and he says it’s best for the tree. He knows better than me, but I still love the mop of messy branches the tree wears when it’s not shorn.

I took a few inches off my hair this week. Which is worth recording because haircuts have now become a rare thing for me. When I know I have very little time, I go straight to ink, do all my drawing and then figure if there’s time for color.

And here’s a sketch of boats in the dock at Bodega Bay, the only sketch from our drive back from Sea Ranch. I didn’t think much of it then, but looking back at it, it’s hard for me to sketch this loosely if I haven’t been drawing a fair amount every day. I enjoyed letting the wateriness of the scene seep into letting color flow on the page.

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to Bits

  1. jankto says:

    I especially like the watery boat. It gives me a gently rocking feeling from the wake of other boats as I stand on the floating dock. Amazing. Thank you for showing the hair salon sketch with and without colour. That little bit of colour gives it life and movement


  2. Nice drawings you really captured the woman well in the hairdressers shop. I also like the blotchy effect of the guy cutting the tree.


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