Little Stuff

Somedays I draw big oak trees, other days it’s little stuff like acorns.

The acorns and other random little treasures live in bowls around my studio. They’re perfect subjects for when the urge to sketch a small something hits me but I don’t want to spend forever debating what to draw.

Here’s another small sketch, garden gloves, and the last of the cherry tomatoes.

This was sketched standing around with Nina, watching her neighbors chickens.

Sometimes I feel like those chickens packing away at my paper with a pencil or pen. Some days the pecking comes together to form a bigger picture. Some days, I just enjoy the mark-making.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to Little Stuff

  1. Diane Winters says:

    These are all wonderful! I especially like the acorns and the chickens. I remember on the first day of my drawing class in art school we were given a very different type of “drawing small things” exercise. Not so much an exercise, I guess, but a way for the teacher to get a sense of where we were starting from. We had come to class with large pads of drawing paper – about 18 x 24. She told us to each take out something small we happened to have with us and spend the class drawing it large enough to fill the whole page. It was a terrific experience in focused observation.


  2. Those are interesting little still lifes, like with the acorns and the rocks/ starfish.

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