Three San Jose cafes. And one in Oakland

My favorite coffee shop, Blvd. Coffee of Almaden is one I can walk to from home. In all the years I’ve worked from home (and this is from a long time before the pandemic), it’s been a place to go to when I need people around me during my workday.

Dot card from The Art of Soil.

This next sketch is at Crema Coffee on The Alameda (which is a street in San Jose, not in the city of Alameda). That little booklet is a walking tour of vintage signs in downtown San Jose, written by resident expert, Heather David, available here.

Cafe #3 is where you go to when you miss Portuguese egg tarts and fado. Pastelaria Adega also feels like being back in Panjim at this little cafe called A Pastelaria that I hung out at when I was in college.

Those are my three San Jose Cafes.

And here’s one from further north, in Oakland: Cole Coffee. It’s nice to see a local coffee place thrive and be the meeting place of dogs and their people when even with a bigger coffee shop across the street.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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  1. Very good sketches of people in coffee shops!!

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