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Have I mentioned I am doing a residency with As a part of my 6-month residency, I will write about the arts and changes in the field through the past year and a half. Here is more about that residency and my fellow residents:

Read my first piece about online life drawing here: Covid Has Created a Virtual Renaissance for Life Drawing

I’m learning so much about journalism and storytelling (and I get to incorporate visual storytelling in my pieces). Best of all, I get to work with an awesome editor as my mentor and a support team from whom I am learning about research, fact-checking and the journey of a story from a kernel of an idea to a published piece. It has been a fantastic learning experience so far. Not easy – telling a story in words is hard for someone who thinks in pictures – but rewarding.

Many of you asked for online life drawing resources when I posted this story on facebook, so here is a list, gathered by friends and artists who have been immersed in life drawing through the pandemic. I have drawn with many, but not all, of these groups. A huge thank you to Diane Olivier and Laurie Wigham for sharing their collection of resources that make up the bulk of this list. If you have groups you’ve drawn with that are not listed here, let me know about them and why you like them. I’ll try to keep the list updated with new groups I draw with and with suggestion from you.

Groups are listed by Instagram handle + Link to booking website.
If you find a model you enjoy drawing you can also follow them on instagram. Most models work with more than one group.













@ThisisNudeLife (London, UK – subtract 8 hours)







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2 Responses to Online Life Drawing Resources

  1. Tina Koyama says:

    Your article is fantastic! And what a great resource your list is now! I’ve been drawing model Shawna Holman (Instagram: shawnaartmodel) for many years at Gage Academy, and she has long been one of my favorites, especially her dynamic, ultra-short poses. During the pandemic, she began posing on Zoom. Here’s my blog post about her:

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    • I’ll join a session one day. If you like short poses sketcherei is all about 1-2 minute poses. Their longest pose is 10 minutes and they often have a set where the model is in continuous motion. it’s great practice for drawing from life!


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