Getting There Early

I usually go to the Farmer’s Market at noon,so one day Uma and I thought we’d try and catch the market “early”. Turns out 8am is too late to catch the setup action.

Still, we did catch the last unloading from this van.

And Mateo (below) is always late to the market, so this next sketch is him and his assistant setting up. It’s a quick and super-efficient process with tent setup, crates and tables all falling in place very quickly.

By the time we were done with that sketch, the market was in full swing. Here’s a typical shopper and her accessories: mask, atleast two market bags, a purse somewhere in the mix and both hands free to inspect the produce and fruits.

This last one was when we decided to take a break and have a pupusa. Sitting behind the stall as we ate gave us this view of the woman making those pupusas over a very hot stove on a scorching day…

When I travel I love stopping by market: they’re such a great slice-of-life place!

In early October I’m in Santa Fe. They have a pretty legendary market on Saturday mornings, and I’m teaching a 3 hour working in the hustle and bustle of that market. Join if you can, there’s still a few seats left: People Alive | Santa Fe

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