Experiments with Flowers

Three recent floral pieces, all in mixed media. I love experimenting with different approaches and floral are such a fun subject for these experiments. One of the things I like about drawing flowers is that they’re alive. They might hold still, but it’s an important to me that the work conveys that they’re no plastic, they’re not frozen in time. They’re buds that bloom, wither and die.

This colorful piece is crayon, watercolor and pencil. From a bouquet by Jessie Chapman.

These simple flowers are drawn with wax crayon from The Art of Soil . The crayons for a resist with black ink for the background.

This last piece is inspired by a beautifully textured bouquet from Matilda’s Bloombox. Watercolor, pencil, pen & ink and white gouache are all part of the mix.

All these pieces are done on Stillman and Birn’s Beta mixed media paper.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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11 Responses to Experiments with Flowers

  1. Thomas Richmond says:

    Very nice,love the colors
    Appreciate that you included the the tools you used for thf blk.and white arrangement.
    Would make a interesting vedio.
    thanks, tom

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  2. Those are really beautiful, textured flower bouquette drawings!!

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  3. Linda Hackett says:

    Wonderful! Would you explain how you created a resist for the ink in the first one?

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  4. Caroline Greene says:

    I love these, they have a look as if they’d move and turn and wilt if filmed and speeded up! I’ve only just re-subscribed, and I’m not sure what you mean by crayon, Suhita? I’m guessing it’s a water-soluble (or ordinary) wax crayon? And, does the crayon imprint onto the adjacent page – do you just put up with that? Thank you! I was trying to cut down on my many art subscriptions but I missed you too much!

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  5. I just don’t worry too much about a neat sketchbook: so crayons do leave some transfer but not enough to keep me from using the adjacent page.


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