Urban Sketching workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico: People Alive!

Happy Friday! Just a short post to announce that I added a 3-hour workshop to my week in Santa Fe.

The 3-day workshop is sold but this one is an intense but exciting 3-hour session in the famous Santa Fe Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning. We’ll draw people, produce and the energy of the market.

Details below:

People Alive (Santa Fe) 

Saturday: October 2nd, 2021  •  On Location workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 9am to noon

This workshop is designed to help you draw sketches with people full of life, capture the action of the farmers’ market and build interesting compositions on location.

Register here:


What does this workshop cover? 
There’s something for everyone, whether you are afraid to draw people, looking for a fresh way to see and draw, or if you are someone who loves the idea of drawing in a market but is intimidated by the action.

In this workshop we will
• Learn to draw people through observation using different techniques combining shape and line drawing
• Look at composition and storytelling
• Learn to introduce people in a setting

This workshop will be held outdoors. Participants will be required to show proof of vaccination upon registration. 

Registration and Cost

The single session, on-location workshop costs $80. Eventbrite fees and taxes extra.
Register Here. Limited spaces.


All my workshops are first announced in my newsletter, which goes out (sorta) monthly and always has tips for sketching. If you haven’t signed up yet just email me at suhita@gmail.com and ask to be put on that mailing list.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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1 Response to Urban Sketching workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico: People Alive!

  1. suzanne tractenberg says:

    Rats !! ….I will miss you by a week! I will think of you, though, when I’m sitting in the Plazza trying to remember all your wonderful tips! Have fun! Suzanne 💙

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