Trifle pudding was a treat when I was a kid. I still make a pudding once in a rare while, but my California trifle is a bit different from the one i had in India. There’s one unchangeable bit, though: Brown & Polson Custard.

The nice thing about drawing most desserts is that you’re not struggling with drawing it really quickly before it cools down (like you are wit your tea and coffee). My best drawing sessions are when I have nothing to do with the making and only participate in the eating of it. That leaves me free to sketch the making process, lick the batter bowl, taste the lemon curd far more times than necessary…

The recipe? The basic lemon tart recipe from the New York Times, with a good bit extra of lemon in the curd and a topping of crushed pistachios and dried rose petals. It was really, really good.

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4 Responses to Dessert

  1. Sandy Ferris says:

    Yum. Sketching! What a great excuse to make dessert!


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  2. nancy cunningham says:

    Hi, Suhita: I never saw trifle on a menu when I lived in India (Mumbai 2002-2004) but Carolina Trifle is a classic here in Savannah, Georgia.  It’s made with cake, custard, whipped cream, and sherry.  I make it using Jello Instant Vanilla pudding, sliced bakery angel food cake, and whipped cream.  The custard gets a bit of sherry, and the cake is sprinkled with it before putting it in the bowl.  I have a footed bowl like yours (not as fancy though) and I never put fruit in it.  This is the Carolina Trifle that is still on the menu at the oldest restaurant in Savannah, the Pirates’ House.  It was a classic on the menu at Johnny Harris, but alas that restaurant was torn down a few years ago in a case of “speculative demolition”.   I love your sketches and your narratives! Nancy Cunningh

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  3. hahaha! “My best drawing sessions are when I have nothing to do with the making and only participate in the eating of it.” I will try this! 🙂 Love both of these recipes!

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