North Yellowstone

North Yellowstone has an open, wild feel so different from the rest of the park. This stone arch, at the North entrance of the Park is the Roosevelt Arch. The sky feels so big here.

Roosevelt Arch, Gardner, Montana.

Locals call that peak Electric Mountain because it has a deposit of iron ore and gets hit by lightning more than 200 times a year. I got this far and then a storm came through.

Electric Mountain

I don’t always have enough time for a longer sketch like the two above. But a few minutes I still enough to record an impression. These limestone formations were sketched form the shade of a distant grove of trees on a very hot day.

If you see a school bus in Gardner, Montana, chances are it belongs to a river rafting trip company and is used to haul passengers and rafts from town to the Yellowstone River. Two-minute sketch, then the bus was gone…

This more relaxed sketch was over coffee at Tumbleweed Cafe. Gotta love a cafe that has a bookstore attached and a lovely eclectic collection of mugs for your coffee.

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3 Responses to North Yellowstone

  1. Karen Bruett says:

    The ubiquitous yellow buses. What a great impression to record!

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  2. I really like the paintings you did of the mountains!!

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