Bits of Summer

Summer break for the kids began about a month ago. My June consisted of errands and appointments and it shows in my sketchbook.

But the first day of summer break is always a no-errand day. I take the day off from work too and the kids and I go someplace close to home. This year we went tide-pooling near Half Moon Bay. I love the colors and textures by the sea.

Watercolor, pen and ink in a Stillman and Birn Beta book

Later in the month we had optometrist appointments. When I was a kid I had rectangular black frames with heavy lenses made of glass. So it always feels like a miracle that the lenses can now be made lightweight and thin and I can pick frames in any color. I pick cobalt blue. My daughter picks moss green.

Pen and ink, colored pencil, graphite

Another long-overdue bit on our list? Haircuts. Our first one in 1.5 years! (not counting the DIY-trims we’ve given ourselves). I draw while Kavya asks for her hair to get cut a foot shorter than it started out.

Colored pencil in a Seabright of Brighton sketchbook.

More sketches from the summer coming soon.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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  1. Love the beach scene!

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