Inspired by Chard

Playing around with pattern, line, mark-making and abstraction, inspired by these lovely rainbow chard leaves.

Here’s that piece.

When creating abstract pattern, I often work with a square format. It’s the easiest shape to turn around and look at from a different direction: Sometimes I’ll work a whole piece one way and then find it so much more interesting when turned upside down. Other times, I turn the piece 90 degrees ever so often as I work on it. It keep me looking at the piece with fresh eyes and keeps the process interesting.


Speaking of abstraction and mark-making, Sketching PlayLab has a new session starting this week, where we play with just those concepts: line, marks and the emotive power of line in abstract compositions. Never joined us for a session? Find out more about us and how to join in these donation-based sessions here.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to Inspired by Chard

  1. Barbara Weeks says:

    Such beautiful color!

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  2. What a beautiful composition! I like to use this method too, turning the picture around. And I find it surprisingly helpful- it narrows down the choices of shapes and colour combinations really well I find.

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