A short break in the Sierras, Part 1 of 2

I took a short little break with my family a couple of weeks ago and headed up to a cabin in the Sierras. It’s always a challenge when the landscape around me changes dramatically: it is exciting to see the world with fresh eyes, frustrating until I can figure ways to translate what I am seeing into my work and always a great way to reset and be inspired.

This first sketch is on Table Mountain Trail near Jamestown, California. Looking past a Ponderosa Pine from halfway up the trail with Lake Melones in the distance.

My first morning in Arnold, California. The rich cobalt blue color of the sky isn’t a surprise if you live in California. What is new to me in this landscape is the shades of green in the pine trees, ranging from the leaf green where there is new growth to all sorts of blue greens, many more blue than green.

At Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

Drawn on watercolor paper, using a stick, fountain pen and plenty of finger smudging.

Watercolor and water soluble crayons finished up the piece. It was lovely to spend time in the grove, looking up at the trees and painting this piece. It did give me a bit of a crick in my neck, though.

I’ll post more sketches from the rest of that trip soon. For now, here are some photographs of textures I found fascinating in my walks through the woods.

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7 Responses to A short break in the Sierras, Part 1 of 2

  1. Nice paintings of the Sierras, they really look like an interesting mountain range to visit. I really like your painting of the pine trees, I like the muted greens and greys, and how you dabbled the sky in.

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  2. Barbara Beynon says:

    You clearly adapted to your new landscape quickly and beautifully! Love the pine trees with the deep blue-greens.

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  3. What blue are you using for that cobalt blue sky? My Cobalt isn’t that brilliant! Also what camera are you using to take your photos. They are so much more brilliant than my iPhone takes.


  4. Lynn, we haven’t talked about it yet. The last thing we want to do is set up something before things stabilize. But when/if we do, you will know of it for sure!


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