Farmer’s Market Season

Farmer’s Markets where I live run all year round, rain or shine. But my favorite market season is just about to begin. The early strawberries and blueberries are making an appearance. Stone fruit hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m already looking forward to it. I visit with my sketchbook in hand, of course.

This first sketch was from the Princeton Plaza market last week. And of course I came home with pasta from Pasta Rey. Roberto was the life of the market that day and standing by him whIle I sketched was like getting a crash course in learning to sell your product.

I returned this weekend with my sketchbook, this time to the Cambrian Plaza Market. My first stop? Outdoors at Heartbeat Cafe to grab a coffee and a sketch.

Local organic strawberries are always a popular purchase.

Citrus fruit floods the market right now. I don’t get any because the orange tree in our backyard is full of fruit just now.

I stood in the narrow space between two stalls, watching a big batch of Kettle Korn being made and bagged.

Here’s a short video of the whole book. I used an ink pen, waterbrush, a white colored pencil and a graphite pencil for these sketches in an accordion-fold book from Hahnemuhle.

It’s fun to be outside sketching people-centric stories again. I was starting to get worried about getting rusty last year, because much as I enjoy virtual life-drawing sessions, nothing is the same for me as drawing on location.


If you’re starting sketching people on location for the first time, or getting back into a practice that went dormant last year, you might want to join me in a 4-week-long people-sketching workshop starting soon. Details here.

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1 Response to Farmer’s Market Season

  1. miatagrrl says:

    I love how your farmers market story literally “unfolds” with your accordion sketchbook!


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