Spring Experiments at Filoli Gardens

A location as pretty as Filoli Gardens in the spring calls (I can’t explain it, do you feel this way?) not so much for straight up sketches that capture the scenes as they are, but for lots of experiments. There is no better sketcher to go on a jaunt with that in mind than Nina Khashchina. To watch her fearlessly try new things (using printmaking techniques on location is what she was experimenting with this time) always inspires me to push my work a little more, and to not worry too much about results.

Here are some sketches from the day. Loud and unmodulated? Yes. More than a little out of control? Yup. But if I never push it too far, I fear I’ll never find that sweet spot I want to stop at and my work will land in too safe a space.

My first impression at Filoli was that spring had taken over the place and things were literally bursting into bloom before my eyes. And I let that feeling lead my sketches for the day.

Walnut ink and watersoluble crayon

Did I know where I was going with this next one? No. But a generous quantity of the brightest liquid watercolor, applied directly on the page with a dropper started the piece. It never came together but it was a fun wild ride to have paint dripping everywhere as I sat among the tulips.

Liquid watercolor and ink drawing with stick on paper

Iris, daffodils and a flowering peach tree. Slowly, my pieces start to calm down, just a tad. And I’m reaching across, and stealing Nina’s supplies and trying things she’s playing with today.

Paint, pencil, and trace monoprinting on paper

We have time for only one more quick sketch before we leave so we choose the already wilting pink blossoms of a magnolia tree and I attempt to capture the “pink everywhere” feel of a tree that is shedding petals everywhere.

Pencil, colored pencil , pen and watercolor

Here are some pictures of Nina and me from that day. Spring is a short season where I am in California, so I really need to get out some more and draw more before it is over.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Spring Experiments at Filoli Gardens

  1. johnahancock says:

    Juicy, yummy color and surfaces … and that joyous line work that jumps across the page and yet also coalesces into textures and near solid objects.

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  2. Suhita; thank you – what a beautiful day we had and what an amazing way to re-capture it again – I love these wild rides on your pages! You are my favorite, trusted companion to go get some pages dirty with crazy colors and lines 🙂 Hope to do it soon again!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent paintings from the garden. I really like the ones that look like tulips with trees in the background, it was done on the stick on paper. I also really like your irises.

    Liked by 1 person

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