Day 4: One Week 100 People 2021

An easy day at sketching people today. Ben arrived this morning. He comes every other week to trim the lawn and do a general cleanup. He’s quick and efficient, and used to me standing in the window and sketching him. (I like sketching standing up close but leaf blowers, edge trimmers and lawnmowers are all LOUD!)

I add most of the notes as I go along, but color soon after. The color here is more to explain and highlight stuff. The orange stuff is equipment, the rest of this piece is in neutrals.

That was going to be all my people sketching for the day. I had just one errand planned but that was a curbside pickup, not really a people-sketching opportunity. Turns out, it was not as simple as that. (Short version: the shoes didn’t fit. We had to step inside to return our curbside pickup. The child got shoes that fit, then remembered he needed baseball pants too.. it all took time.)Ah well, I got some additional sketches in. You’ll need to click this image to see it larger.

Practicing people sketching is necessary. But in the end I’m really interested in it as a storytelling device, to tell people-centric stories, even little mundane ones like this one.

Here’s my little counter for day 4, with an extra 24 people added for the day.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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