Life drawing and Monoprints

A couple of new monoprints, inspired by lifedrawing sessions.

I’m enjoying the tactile surfaces this process creates and for a printmaking process, it is pretty immediate.

Here are some shots from the process.
Top Left: my references, a charcoal drawing and a watercolor sketch
Top Right: acrylics painted directly on gelli plate
Bottom Left: the first pull off the plate
Bottom Right: Second pull, from sprtizing the plate with water and drawing on it again with watersoluble crayons.

And finally, a little bit of drawing on it to pull it together.

I like that monoprinting is bit of an oxymoron: the point of printing is to produce multiple copies, but with this process you can never make 2 identical prints.

Here’s the inspiration for another print. This sketch of Emily Metalskin from a lifedrawing session.

Here’s the print it inspired. It’s all about the red shoes !

Next up, I think I will be figuring what I want to do with this drawing.

I am still really enjoying playing with this process in a no-instruction, do-what-I-feel-like way. I love that I never know what will pull off the plate when I lay a paper down on it.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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