Colusa, California

Recently, we spent two nights away, watching the last of the migratory birds in Colusa, California, part of the wetlands of the Sacramento River and home to Colusa National Wildlife Refuge. Short little breaks like this, away in nature, have kept us sane through a year of being at home.

Here are a couple of little sketches from the town. The twin water towers.

This storefront in the historic Chinatown, just across the road from a bend in the Sacramento River is now an airbnb.

A plaque tells of the history of Colusa’s Chinatown.

The wildlife refuge is beautiful, but I didn’t sketch inside it.

I did, however, take lots of photos so it will be interesting to work from them and see if I can capture the beauty and power of what I saw and felt. Here’s a first attempt at the wetlands. In liquid watercolor, brown ink and wax crayon.

Note to self: to catch the peak of the migratory birds, go earlier. November to January is peak season.

About Suhita Shirodkar

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8 Responses to Colusa, California

  1. Susan Wilson says:

    Suhita your photos are stunning. If you took them with an iPhone you should definitely send them to Apple. We are blown away with them. I’ve marked my calendar for next winter.

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    • Susan, yes wiht my iphone: the place was spectacular, particularly early mornings and sunsets. (glad we gave ourselves 2 days to enjoy them) and that sketch of the chinatown shofront was our charming airbnb, just across form the sacramento river and a 5 minute drive from the refuge. so perfect. I will send you a link to it when you are ready!


  2. Peg Callihan says:



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    • Peg, I was in Colusa but have never been to Locke. but i am pencilling in places to go next winter to see migratory birds: should it be on my list?? I travel with family so we’re always looking for lovely little towns to stay in.


  3. Diane Winters says:

    Not to Suhita: Well, peak migratory bird season might have passed, but aren’t we into peak elephant seal calf season at Año Nuevo? Have the kids seen that?

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  4. I like the lightness of touch with the twin water towers.

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  5. Nice paintings of Colusa California.

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