#OneWeek100People 2021: Time to Get Prepared

It’s almost time for this challenge again, the one where you draw a hundred people all during one (work) week. You might already know of the #OneWeek100People challenge. And if you don’t, here is a pretty detailed post from Marc Holmes, who along with Liz Steel, runs this challenge.

I tell everyone in all my People Sketching workshops to join in. It is an intensive, no-judgement way to get a lot of practice in, and have community to share with and learn from.

While the challenge has no rules about how you draw people, I usually stick with urban sketching. That’s going to be a bit of a challenge this year, as the county I live in still has covid cases and lockdown restrictions in place. So I’ve been try to make a list of alternative things I can do.

Here are some ideas:

  • I’ll still try and get in some drawing on location. That might mean parking myself at a safe distance outside a grocery store and drawing shoppers. Or sitting in the park and sketching the walkers and joggers.

• I could use photo references to work on portraits. Or I might just do some self-portraits and try something interesting with them. Like this piece where I looked at myself in the mirror and drew the right side with my dominant hand and the left side with my non-dominant one.

• I’ve been joining online life drawing sessions every once in a while and I might do a session or two that week.

Some of the lifedrawing sessions I’ve enjoyed have been with

@bayareamodelsguild http://www.bayareamodelsguild.org/

@lifefiguredrawing https://www.lifefiguredrawing.com

@londondrawing This group has live sessions as well as recordings you can purchase so you can sketch on your own time: https://londondrawing.com/product-category/online-class-recordings/recordings-of-online-life-drawing/

@artmakessense https://www.artmakessense.life/ 

Here are some more ideas from Marc Holmes:

  • download the Sktchy app on your phone for lots of people drawing references.
  • use the YouTube channel, CroquisCafe (for nude figures)
  • watch a movie or TV show and draw from it.

That seems like a lot of things to work with, doesn’t it? Now go make a plan for that week. 20 people a day isn’t impossible but it takes some planning. Join the facebook group and get inspired by the work shared there. Or just use the tag #OneWeek100People on any social media you share on.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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7 Responses to #OneWeek100People 2021: Time to Get Prepared

  1. stephanie defanti says:

    Hi Suhita!

    \Love following your work and would love to take a beginning sketcher course with lots of body drawing…. How can I find this and do this on my own time, as I work as a nurse and my hours can often be inconsistent with taking a scheduled class I ts the one week 100 people a class that could be taken any time once payed for or does it end at the end of its week? Any other recommendations would be appreciated, I would like to dedicate 15 minutes a day to drawing….. I feel like a have no talent but love the energy of people and line! Stephanie


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  2. Linda Gackett says:

    Thanks! I have also ripped out some pages from fashion magazines that show models in unusual poses and plan to do those ( small) on a page with my brush pen to practice thick and thin shapes

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  3. Anke Wagner says:

    Hi Suhita
    My youngest brother and I made an interesting photo which might be a fun exercise for this 100 people challenge .
    We took the upper part of a photo of me and combined it with the lower part of his , to “create ” another “sibling “. We do resemble each other a lot , but I don’t think that is necessary.
    ( I am a 53 year old woman with ” big hair ” and he has the same color of hair and a bushy beard ).
    It came out amazingly well and a bit spooky but we had a lot of laughter .
    I never thought of drawing it but if you guys run out of people and faces “roll your own ” ?

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  4. Very interesting sketches of people.


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