@londondrawing holds yet another in the long list of wonderful online life drawing sessions I have sketched at during the pandemic.

This session involved the model Andrea Morani in classic poses.

While I drew this first pose, someone asked the moderator how they handled body hair. And I can’t remember the exact response, but it went along the lines of “if it’s a detail you can leave it out or it’ll distract from the big picture”. I agree with that as a general principle, but there are always exceptions. Like when the body hair is what you notice.

With our pale-skinned, dark-haired model, body hair created patterns and textures and I enjoy juxtaposing flat-pattern-like mark-making with light and shade creating form and volume.

I’m working on all sorts of paper and in a mix of media in this session. I started out on newsprint with charcoal. Love the feel of charcoal smooshing into paper and big sheets of quick drawings help me warm up.

The set in the middle of this page is two small pieces done during a 20 minute pose. The first with a carpenter’s pencil the next with water-soluble crayons. Both on letter-sized sample sheets of printing paper, leftovers from my years of working as a print designer.

The last piece is on a large sheet of vellum. The drawing is done with a bamboo dip pen and walnut ink. Vellum is a lovely smooth surface for the pen to glide across, with just enough tooth to keep me happy. The trouble with coated vellum, like the one I am using, is that it absorbs nothing, so the ink sits on it in puddles. But I’m working at home and the drawings can lie around for hours, taking their time to dry…

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