And yet again, Wilder Ranch State Park

I cannot seem to get enough of this place. This time, I was back with my sketching buddies on a sun-filled day that followed a week of rain. I have never actually walked down to the historic buildings that are Wilder Ranch, so that was a first for me. Always something new to discover, even at a place you have been to before.

This is the big kitchen where all the farm hands ate. I’m assuming that bell outside was the dinner gong, a call to food to be heard anywhere on the ranch.

This next one is a view of some barns and stables and the pastures beyond. A sheep or two got past the fences and came wandering by as we painted.

And one last sketch, the view from our lunch spot. Waves crashing up onto the marine terrace ( this is a new term I learnt from fellow sketcher Cathy).


• It’s Feb 2021 already! I toyed with the idea of doing the 100 day project starting on Feb 1st but decided I don’t do well with long term projects that sound like a must-do. But there are so many interesting projects you can see and follow under the hashtag


• Also, last 2 seats left in my 4-week workshop starting this Saturday, The Art of Capturing People, Places and Objects. So if you wanted to join in, this is your last chance. Read more about the workshop and sign up here.

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5 Responses to And yet again, Wilder Ranch State Park

  1. Nice sketches, I really like the top one with the farmhouse and the barn.

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  2. paul koontz says:


    I’d love to do your workshop, and do it live…but live on the peninsula (just south of you, I think) and would struggle at 7am on Saturdays 😬

    Will you be doing it again…and at a different hour? If that’s the time that works for you, I’ll consider doing it with just the recorded sessions.

    I enjoy your work.




  3. Carmizzle says:

    I love the look of your sketches! I really like the look of the ‘marine terrace’s sketch; thr texture and style you did the water is really cool and dreamlike.

    I’ve been wanting to sketch outside for sometime now. How long did these two take?


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