Drawing the kids again

As this country seems to go completely crazy (and I’m not just talking Covid here) , I turn to home and to the kids in my sketches to find some sense of sanity. The everyday feels sane, and the kids losing themselves in their books, games and music is what I sketch.

The new year started with this simple line sketch in two colored inks and a bamboo pen. I love how the two colors mix for whole range of other colors.

This is a sketch of the kids waiting to start a board game. It’s strange to play a game called Pandemic right now.

This last sketch is Nishant at piano practice. When I settled down on the floor next to him to sketch, I asked how much longer he was going to practicing. “10 minutes” he said, so I knew how long I had for my sketch. Bamboo reed pen and iron oxide ink.

What are you sketching a lot of right now? Is it different from what you sketched pre-pandemic?

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to Drawing the kids again

  1. Nice sketches, you are very good at capturing people.

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  2. Isa's Art says:

    I love that you sketch your kids on a regular basis. In a post, you said that they sometimes don’t know you are doing it. That got me thinking that I could draw my husband when he is reading. Maybe I’ll get as confident as you are for drawing people. Meanwhile, you asked what we are sketching a lot of right now. I do a lot of objects around the house. I started a “treasure” sketchbook where I sketch items I love and their stories. On the opposite side of that spectrum, I started sketching things that I want to donate or generally get rid of.

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