Fall in Almaden

We’ve had some spectacular color in the our neighborhood this year. And while it holds I’m getting out as much as possible to record it.. Even if “getting out” means drawing right on my street.

I used water-soluble colored pencil and white gouache to finish this one. It started off as simple, big shapes in watercolor like this:

Sitting by my curb, near the leaf pile, sketching.

Here is a second sketch, using the same media, sketched a little further up the street.

It’s funny how I will sit on the street and sketch almost anywhere in the world, but will rarely do it on my own street. This came up in a discussion with Liz Steel and so we decided to sketch a lot more within walking distance of home and tag our sketches #sketchinglocal. Now that I’ve sketched on my street for a few days the neighbors have gotten used to me standing around. I think I’ll be doing it more often. Hoping this fall color holds until the long weekend so I can capture some more of it.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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10 Responses to Fall in Almaden

  1. Beautiful Fall colours. I didn’t know you got colour like that in southern California. We have a fresh layer of snow on the ground up here, but it is supposed to burn off this afternoon or tomorrow. And I’m pretty sure if I tried drawing outside right now my fingers would get pretty numb.

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  2. You’ve captured the autumn leaves really beautifully. Thanks for the fall images on our first day of real snow. : )

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  3. Wonderful capture of the colours. I love this sketching local idea and hashtag.

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  4. Alice says:

    I love these, you are very talented. What do you do with your sketchbooks? Make them into art books? Do you use your art on RedBubble?

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  5. Diane Winters says:

    I grew up on the east coast. The fall/winter after I moved to the Bay Area in NorCal, my loving brother sent me a large number of colorful fall leaves he’d collected and dried, so I wouldn’t be missing out. I thanked him profusely for the thought but had to explain that in this part of the state we do get colored leaves, especially the insanely brilliant pinky-red/yellow-orange sugar maples.

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  6. Shankar Subramanian says:

    I happened to live in Rajkovich for a little while and have been around Almaden. This makes me nostalgic. Thanks.

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