New Workshop and Quick Gesture Drawing

I recorded this quick little video while sketching last week. With on-location people-sketching opportunities running thin right now, I’m enjoying watching dance videos on YouTube and sketching from them.

In this video, I sketch with a mix of tools: wax crayons, pen & ink, and watercolor. Bringing wax crayons into the mix not only adds some high-energy color, it also makes me feel like a little kid, playing with abandon. The first lines I put down on the page with wax crayon capture the gesture of the figure, done very quickly in one fluid motion. What you build on top of that gesture can be done with observation and some knowledge of the human figure, without the dancer holding still or returning to that exact position. (Click here to go to the video)

1 Million Dance Studio has some particularly high-energy dance videos that are fun to sketch from.

Speaking of drawing people, I just opened up registration for a 4-week intensive people sketching workshop in early 2021. Think of it as a chance to up your people-sketching game, so you’ll be all set to get out and draw from life, once you can.

Week 1: We’ll work our way through seeing people as simple shapes and using proportion to sketch better figures.
Week 2: We’ll move to gesture drawing for quick action capture (like the video above) . Week 3: I s all about faces and features.
Week 4 : we will bring it all together and learn to sketch and paint people and places all in one dynamic sketch.

Want to know more about it? Read more about it and sign up here.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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1 Response to New Workshop and Quick Gesture Drawing

  1. stephanie defanti says:


    Would love to take this course!! But I work full time, will it ever be available for watching any time with life time access after you purchase, that’s what works for me as work as a Nurse and only have limmtted time I love the way you teach and love to sketch!! I have so much to learn… Steph Defanti F


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