Inktobering on Shuen Paper

I haven’t mentioned Inktober yet, but it’s in the back of my mind, and I’m doing a little sketch when I can. Here’s a series of little sketches I’ve been doing on Shuen paper. (sometimes spelt as Xuan and basically a rice paper). The paper is so absorbent it’s like writing on blotting paper but with a gorgeous translucent quality. I’m curious to know if I will get to know it well enough to gain some mark-making control on it.

In this series of sketches, I use pen, ink, brush and water. Any color other than black is watercolor and white details are in gouache.

Working with a new medium is frustrating, exciting, maddening, and great fun. All of that rolled up together. I like doing it often. Some things stick, some don’t. Some techniques I keep and some morph into other experiments.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Inktobering on Shuen Paper

  1. -N- says:

    Have you heard of Oriental Art Supply in Huntington Beach? They have a paper that is called “double shuen” and it is wonderful. It is absorbent, but less so than many rice papers. If you need good quality ink sticks, John Neal Book Sellers in NC sells excellent ones from Japan, which I prefer over Chinese ink sticks as they are more refined and less gritty. If you have a beloved ink stone, a good ink stick will not damage it. The OAS brushes are wide in variety and quality, but excellent for choices. Nice work – I think you have it figured out! A good ink artist is Kazu Shimura on YouTube – he hasn’t posted in years, but his are an excellent resource.

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  2. Looks beautiful. I think you did a wonderful job. Great contrast B&W.

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  3. Anke Wagner says:

    looks really great !!!
    So fluid !!!

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