Orange Skies

With so much of California burning, a strange phenomena descended on the San Francisco Bay Area. An apocalyptic orange pall with no sun in sight descended on us all day. Colors ranged from burning orange-red in San Francisco to a more ashen-yellow version in San Jose.

I tried spending the morning not painting this bizarre scene, but even my sketches of stuff on my desk, my ink bottle and phone, looked like the day.

So I caved in and drew what I saw from my window . I tried to convey how everyday and not-everyday this scene was. And just the utterly uncomfortable silence that went with the scene.

This version below was from the day before, when the sun still blazed an eerie color in the evening. We were just getting used to that version of dystopia before our all- orange day arrived.

Today is a less dramatic day, the sky is still an opaque yellowing color with no sun. But just the hint of blue skies possibly returning sometime in the future, I’m hanging on to that.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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20 Responses to Orange Skies

  1. Lise Gauthier from st-Lambert, quebec, canada says:

    Hi Suhita … I fellow your work since many years through your urbansketcher outing … Very sad and bad time at your home …. Take care of you … and wish you that blue sky comes back soon! Stay safe! Lise


  2. Barbara says:

    Beautiful & evocative sketches, but please stay safe, Suhita!

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  3. Annie says:

    The blue sky will return. In many ways we don’t even expect. We take heart. Thank you, as always, Suhita.

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  4. Fabio says:

    You are a brave, sincere, and great artist, Suhita! Thank you!

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  5. Diane Winters says:

    Nice job. Up here in Oakland it was an amazing dark blood red at 9:00 am, giving way to yellow-orange by noon. Also, it made everything, houses, trees, glow orange except small spots lit by artificial lights. Took some photos, but digital cameras always want to “help out” by compensating for less than normal colors and light. I had to “correct” back to what I’d seen using Photoshop. That’s where drawing/painting can be more real than a photo.


    • Diane, I’m a much better off with a paintbrush and pencil than I am with a camera, so I drew this after very unsuccessfully trying to capture it with my camera. The sky was blazing orange and my camera kept trying to see blue…


  6. Frankye A. White says:

    Bless you. I watch the news am an so saddened by the destruction of property, and how it is, and will, affect folks for years to come. Thank you for pushing into the strangeness of it all to show us how it is for you.

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  7. Wonderful! Thank you! I am a writer on a blog about climate. I was just wishing yesterday for a painter to have painted the skies of the other day, so what a gift your work. Is it possible to mention it as a part of my blogpost. Could I interview you for a part of my blogpost to get your own personal take on the orange sky as an artist? Thank you so much for considering this request. You can reach me at in gratitude, Vijaya


  8. Its crazy the smoke right now in California. I really like your sketch with the orange sun, and wild looking tree.

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  9. Kirti Patel says:

    Lovely sketches…may I ask what paint or markers you use?


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