Redwoods: Three Impressions

I spent a couple of days in a cottage near Mendocino, California, surrounded by tall redwood trees. Here are a few takes on those trees, captured in different moods.

In the warm light of late afternoon, dappled light hits the trunk of the tree, bringing out its rich, warm color.

This next piece is painted thinking of the scene before me as layers of shape and color that fit together. This lets me keep my piece abstract and just celebrate it as a tapestry of texture.

This final piece was painted on a misty morning. I was particularly fascinated by how the tops of the trees disappear into the mist.

It was lovely to spend so much time with the trees and see them in different moods and light. All the time I painted, I wondered how Laurie Wigham would paint them. (you can see her wonderful captures of the redwoods and other trees here)

I painted these three pieces using two brushes, both from Rosemary & Co. One is an old favorite, the 3/8 inch Sable Blend dagger and the other is a fun new brush for me: the Pocket Eradicator that picks up paint and lets you bring soft highlights back into a piece. I used it in that first piece on the small branches, picking up paint to lighten the top of those little branches where the light hits them. The palette? I’m trying one I haven’t used before, with deeper wells. It’s the Frank Herring palette, quite a bit larger than my usual palette.

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10 Responses to Redwoods: Three Impressions

  1. These are marvellous. Having just tried yesterday to capture the character of a tree, I appreciate what you have done all the more.
    How do you like the palette? And just wondering what sketchbook this is? (Sorry, May have asked this once before).

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  2. marilynjacobson says:

    I’m jealous… you visited one of my favorite places! Mendocino is the place where “Murder She Write” was filmed…you are too young to have seen that TV series. My hometown is about 80 miles away, Garberville. I’ve painted redwoods a few times, just by memory. Your paintings captures the essence of redwoods. They actually make their own fog during the winter! ❤️

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  3. Fabio says:

    Excellent, as always!


  4. LexiSTL says:

    i love the abstract interpretation of the Mendocino redwood trees…
    your passion does translate… i don’t know if you’re familiar with explore website, but when i am working on the computer for long stints, i enjoy a variety of live footage of the animals and natural environments running. linked here is the live cams of Brown Bears in Katmai National Park in Brook Falls … but back your magnificent post here. Great Job!

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  5. Nice redwoods paintings, I really like the dull misty colours that you used.

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  6. Spent a few short days in California in the winter of 2018/19. Saw the redwoods at Muirwoods the first time. I have no idea how similar these are, but frankly they took me back to that dynamic light playing through the canopies of the trees.


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