Sketching the Bride

After a long break, I attended a virtual life drawing session hosted by Draw Breath. With no background in what was happening, I stepped in and sketched the first few poses of well, the bride…

Turns out, there was a twist in the plot, and she was a zombie bride (I know nothing about zombies or any genre of horror, so I might be missing references to what her poses were about.) But all sorts of weapons appeared…

And just as the plot was thickening and I might have started to figure what was going on, I realized I didn’t have the time to stick through the whole session and had to leave early.

It was still a ton of fun, I love drawing people and the stories they tell, and miss drawing in person so much. Until I can do that, I need to come back to these sessions as often as I can.

Sketches made in watersoluble pencil, watercolor, brushpen and ink, and acrylic ink on newsprint. Sizes are between 8×10 inches and 9×12 inches . They’re for sale and come signed, $45 each. Shipping included within the US. Just email me and ask if you want one.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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8 Responses to Sketching the Bride

  1. Nice drawings of the bride, you are very good at drawing people.

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  2. That’s quite a sequence of events…oh my! : -) 🙂

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  3. Nice sketches, you really captured her well!!

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  4. a bride can be nothing but beautiful…and with your art….you made her look that much more lovely…..well done Suhita…..what do you do with your sketches? is this an occupation? do you earn your living from sketching? would love to know.


    • Sophia, I am an illustrator b profession and I often do urban sketches and commissioned work for pay. But I also just urban-sketch all the time. Most of the hundreds of sketchbooks I have full of sketches at home are done on vacation and around my daily life. I sell prints of my work too on etsy.


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